Six Piece Spreader Bar Set

  • The Bar lengths are:
    1. 4.5 inches (12cm)
    2. 6.5 inches (16.5cm)
    3. 2 inches (35cm)
    4. 18 inches (46cm)
    5. 24 inches (70cm)
    6. 30 inches (76cm)

  • Polished stainless steel finish
  • Welded and polished attachment rings
  • Velvet storage bag included
A complete set of matching spreader bars fashioned in polished stainless steel. Each one is made of light weight yet super strong stainless steel tube. The Bars have welded rings to each end. These welded rings are secure and safe and will withstand over a thousand pounds of tension force. The welds are polished and finished blend and conform to the bar without burrs or sharp edged nuts and bolts. There are intermediate attachment rings on the bars. These are also welded and polished rings for super strong support points. the 6.5 and 12 inch bars have one ring at the midpoint. 18 and 24 inch bars have 2 rings equally space from the midpoint. The 30 inch bar has 3 equally spaced midpoint attachment rings. The complete set is packaged in an attractive and practical velvet storage bag.
  • $143.95 - msrp
  • Item: STB-06          -       UPC: 8-95152 01947-1
  • $143.95 - msrp
  • Item: STB-06          -       UPC: 8-95152 01947-1